Q: We are getting married at the catering facility. Can you provide music for our ceremony as well as for the reception?

A: Absolutely. I can provide traditional music for your ceremony or any other music you may choose.

Q: Do you take requests at the party?

A: Definitely. I am happy to play requests, but use my professional judgement as to whether a request is appropriate. I also have you submit to us in advance any requests you may have so I can be sure to provide your favorite tunes.

Q: My child has many music requests for her Sweet Sixteen that I am not familiar with. I am concerned about inappropriate lyrics. How do you handle this?

A: I play only the “clean versions” of the popular music that young people enjoy.

Q: There will be three generations of family at our party. Can you play music for everyone?

A: I don’t forget anyone at your celebration and can provide many types of music from the 1940s to the current time.

Q: We want Octavius personally at our affair. Can we be guaranteed that you will not send another deejay?

A: Yes. I will personally be your deejay for the entire party, and we state so in our contract with you. I do bring an assistant with me, and we work together for the entire time.

Q: What if something happens and you cannot make it to our affair?

A: If, by some catastrophe, I couldn’t be there, we have an excellent professional relationship with many area deejays who we would call upon to fill in.

Q: How far in advance do I have to book my party?

A: As soon as you pick your date. Never assume it is too early or too late to book us. Certain seasons and certain days book faster than others, but you never know.

Q: What if we want you to play overtime?

A: I am happy to stay if your party is extended unless I have a commitment for a second party that day, which is generally not the case.

Q: We have heard stories about deejays arriving late. What steps do you take to ensure that this does not happen?

A: I always plan to arrive at the party at least two hours in advance of the time I am to start the music, which gives me ample time should anything unforeseen occur.

Q: Do you offer different plans for different prices?

A:  No. We provide our complete state-of-the art sound system and setup, unique lighting effects, and dance floor give-a-ways for every affair. Pricing will differ depending upon the length of time, location, and type of party you are having.

Q: What do you do with the kids during a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party?

A: I make sure the kids are engaged and having a good time with dancing, games, and contests. We also provide prizes to the winners of the contests.

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